This project was funded by the European Union’s Rights,
Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)

Supporting Wellbeing and Integration of Transgender victims in Care environments with Holistic approach

PERSEO works to promote the development of Education, University Research and High Culture throughout the Italian territory. Perseo presents three relevant figures: 1) Manager who will coordinate the project; 2) Psychologists expert in research and training within the schools of psychotherapy; 3) Psychologists who will take care of the diffusion due to her experience in various European projects and her clinical experience in terms of drug addiction and health partner. Perseo will also take care of the report about the Final Local Workshop in Salerno. Perseo PARADIGMA consists in team of expert Psychologists working in research and community psychology, for what they define as the Psychological profile guide and a local map of specialized centres, associations (es. self-help groups) and front offices orientated towards Transgender people. PARADIGMA will cooperate with the APPLICANT given the experience of the participation in different European projects for the drafting of the quality management handbook. Paradigma AUSL-REGGIO EMILIA provides health and social assistance in the Reggio Emilia province. As part of the Health Promoting Hospital and Health Services Network of the WHO, AUSL deals with health equality (envisaging targets, including LGBTI). The professionals involved in the project are: Sociologists, Head Researchers & Unit members whose focus on equity implementation in the target group, as well as Experts who will promote focus groups aimed to define the SWITCH model. AUSL will also take care of the report for the Final Local Workshop in Reggio Emilia. AUSL-Reggio Emilia Azienda Unitaria Sanitaria Locale
Reggio Emilia
MIRADA LOCAL is part the LIPA NET network. With a wide experience in promoting dialogue and support inside stakeholders networks, they will lead the task of recommendations for the public health authorities, and promotions of their prosocial approach to increase the social support and life satisfaction of TI groups, supporting partners in planning strategies. MIRADA LOCAL also offers Training courses and awareness programs to health care professionals, so to integrate medical, social, familiar and educational environments through prosocial communication.
mirada local
TRANSPARENT was founded by a group of transgender activists in order to bring together members of the transgender community and foster peer-to-peer and support activities. As an LGBTI association, TRANSPARENT will take networking with Czech public health care structures and distribute the project results to all centres and associations that take care of TI. Moreover, having experience of self-help groups, TRANSPARENT will organize a self-help groups in Czech Republic, where they will experience the future solution proposed by the SWITCH Project. Transparent NIMH, or the National Institution of Mental Health (Narodni Ustav Dusevniho Zdravi), works with public facilities dealing with Addictions. They have plenty of experience in treating Transgender people subject to traumas that asked for help at the Addiction centres. In particular, there are training experts in the treatment of traumas for the TI, utilizing already tested approaches in Drug Addiction contexts. The NIMH will also take care of the report about the Final Local Workshop in Prague. NIMH At PARC TAULÍ, Mental Health experts will contribute
to the SWITCH model design. Their professionals will take care of realizing and releasing a booklet to general practitioners, so to increase awareness
about TI issues and needs. PARC TAULÍ will also take care of the report regarding the Final Local
Workshop in Barcelona.