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Wellbeing Among Transgender and Non-binary Clients of Therapy Services. A Knowledge-Based and Holistically-Oriented Therapeutic Approach

The publication aims to increase the objective awareness of the professional public and help improve the mental well-being and status of transgender people. The publication is available at The monograph was created on the basis of the SWITCH project [...]

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International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

On the occasion of May 17, International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, we report an excerpt of the speech by Diego Angelo Cricelli from Brianza Oltre l'Arcobaleno, associated partner in European Switch Project. I am a transgender man and [...]

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The institutionalized abuse of intersex people in Europe and around the world

Written by Salvatore Terralavoro "In a world accustomed to reasoning in opposites, it is difficult to accept that a body can present both male and female characteristics" In the Samoa Islands there are females, males and fa’afafine: the third gender [...]

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The Italian SWITCH Network grows: AMIGAY among the Associations that defend the rights of LGBTI groups.

In this phase of the SWITCH project "Supporting the well-being and integration of transgender victims in care settings with a holistic approach", Paradigma Association, a third sector organization aimed at research and applied psychology in the community, promotes fair services [...]

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The training of trainers of the SWITCH project allowed to increase the knowledge and skills of the participants with respect to the issue of transgender people and offered a space for reflection and comparison of particular importance, allowing trainers to [...]

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How can we help integrate transgender people if we are healthcare professionals?

Transgender people often suffer transphobia in healthcare contexts, even though professionals usually don’t identify their behavior as transphobic. Professionals generally agree that transcompetent care must be a priority in these contexts, but we usually do not count with clear guidelines [...]

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