Alias identity arrives in Italy to protect at work people who are changing sex or gender.  Alias identity consists of a temporary bureaucratic profile that would allow trans* people to use their chosen name, different from the name on official documents and given a birth based on biological sex. This news is contained in the latest draft of the contract for state employees, which thus opens up a recognition until now only minimally present in the public sector.

The alias identity, takes inspiration from the career alias for transgender students that is currently active at 32 universities including Colleges and Universities.

For years, the Institutes have allowed students who do not  identify with the gender assigned at birth to take on a bureaucratic, alternative, temporary profile.

In fact, students can choose their own name and substitute it for the registry name given at birth based on their biological sex. The alias identity as well as the alias career, aims to eliminate and break down situations of discomfort and prevent forms of discrimination. The draft contract text allows the worker* who will initiate the transition to apply for alias identity by submitting appropriate medical doumentation.

Once the organization accepts the request made, the employee will be able to have, on his or her personnel file but also on his or her ID card, in his or her e-mail credentials, or in the nameplate on the office door, the alias he or she decides on instead of his or her first name. A recognition that is garanted before changing the name on the ID card, a topic that previously belonged to the education sector and will now also belong to the public employment sector.

Recognize people in transition with a psychological and medical journey in place, the possibility to live naturally the identity they have chosen, is something fundamental. For them and for society as a whole. And once acquired this possibility also in the public sector will represent a step forward for the protection at work of all* those who are changing sex or gender.

Associazione Paradigma