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The Italian SWITCH Network grows: AMIGAY among the Associations that defend the rights of LGBTI groups.

In this phase of the SWITCH project "Supporting the well-being and integration of transgender victims in care settings with a holistic approach", Paradigma Association, a third sector organization aimed at research and applied psychology in the community, promotes fair services [...]

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The training of trainers of the SWITCH project allowed to increase the knowledge and skills of the participants with respect to the issue of transgender people and offered a space for reflection and comparison of particular importance, allowing trainers to [...]

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How can we help integrate transgender people if we are healthcare professionals?

Transgender people often suffer transphobia in healthcare contexts, even though professionals usually don’t identify their behavior as transphobic. Professionals generally agree that transcompetent care must be a priority in these contexts, but we usually do not count with clear guidelines [...]

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The history of transgender pathologization

People who develop a gender identity that does not correspond to their biological sex have historically been exposed to difficulties derived mainly from the structure that society adopts at different times. One of the answers that was tried to give [...]

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How to Prevent Social Stigma and Minority Stress in Transgender Individuals?

Transgender people face long-term systematic repression due to the social stigma associated with their gender identity. A number of studies confirm that transsexuals have been discriminated against because of their identity. This discrimination is associated with various forms of stigmatization: [...]

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The Influence of Tokenism on Mental Health in a Work Team

Gender segregation is a constant problem in many work teams and is reflected in job positions. The stereotypes associated with femininity and masculinity and professional roles are deeply rooted in culture. Transgender persons still experience certain forms of discrimination in [...]

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How can we prosocialize healthcare for transgender people?

If we talk about the quality of empathy, or a social health care not based on prejudices, but on the ability to welcome, understand, connect with people from their own perspective, then what we are talking about prosocial skills. Prosocial [...]

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