In this phase of the SWITCH project “Supporting the well-being and integration of transgender victims in care settings with a holistic approach”, Paradigma Association, a third sector organization aimed at research and applied psychology in the community, promotes fair services to adequately assist transgender and intersex people (TI) and actions aimed at expanding the skills of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and other operators.
To this end, it is committed to the search for best practices at the local level and to establish effective collaborations to develop the activities envisaged by the project of enhancing the skills of professionals working in various sectors to support gender transition paths.

In April, on the occasion of the ToT, Training of Trainers, an important milestone of the project that marks the beginning of the training activities of the categories involved and the presentation of the didactic material prepared, the session related to Module 1 – Part II on “Diagnosis and psychological report assessing violence and discrimination” was co-conducted by the experts of the Paradigma Association and Amigay, in a session whose contents allowed to reflect on the origins of gender stereotypes and the need to update the operational health protocols in favor of transgender people.

The Association of Social Promotion AMIGAY – Doctors and Health Professionals LGBTI and Gayfreindly is a non-profit association whose members are doctors, psychologists, nurses and other health personnel, who promote the dissemination of Evidence-Based Scientific Knowledge regarding the Health Rights of LGBTI People and the Trade Union Rights of LGBTI Health Personnel. The aim of the association is to spread the knowledge of Sex Orienteering and Gender Medicine LGBTI among the Health Staff.

The comparison was focused on the methodology of work applicable within the health services responsible for the care of psychological well-being, based on the detection of risk factors in the transgender population.
Starting from the administration of scales measuring traumatic experiences in childhood/adolescence and adulthood, such as the ACE Scale (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and the Impact of Event Scale, it is possible to detect the presence of symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
From this synergy comes an operational protocol that allows to make a diagnosis, depathologizing the path of transsexual people, allowing to correctly address the clinical intervention that will be presented in the pilot training planned among the future activities of the project.

AMIGAY is present in the mapping of national services prepared by the SWITCH project team and is an associated partner of the project, i.e. a supporting partner, with its own resources and skills, in the implementation of the project activities.

We will be glad to welcome entities interested in collaborating to the project activities and to extend the network at European level!

Ilenia Sanzo,

Paradigma Association