The Virtual Meeting for Project SWITCH was held in virtual conference via Google Meet. The meeting was attended by PERSEO, Narodni Ustav Dusevniho Zdravi (NUDZ), Transparent Zs, PARC TAULI, MIRADA LOCAL, AUSL, PARADIGMA. 

The convened partners discussed the state of art of the project from the EU platform’s point of view in order to see what the partnership has achieved so far. Taking into account the mid-term report’s deadline (end of March 2021), PERSEO proposed to have a dedicated meeting at the beginning of March in order to best coordinate the work to be done and have the report completed within the deadline.

In relation to the project dissemination, PERSEO presented a tool to be used by all partners for an easier collection of information about dissemination activities. Said tool realised in a word format will be sent to all partners via e-mail so that they can fill it with the dissemination activities done until December 2020, and send it back to PERSEO, which will take care of collecting all the contributions within a single report.

As responsible for the Task 2.2 – Training Kit, AUSL presented an update of the material collected by all partners. As responsible for the Task 2.3 – D2.7 Booklet for family doctors and communicable diseases professionals, PARK TAULI presented an update of the draft. As responsible for the Task 2.3 – D2.6 Recommendations, MIRADA LOCAL presented their proposal on how to use the deliverable to better adapt it in each country.

Some important issues regarding the Task 3.1 Training of Trainers (ToT) were highlighted in the last part of the meeting. PERSEO proposed to arrange in a short time a bilateral meeting with NUDZ, responsible for the task.

Having debated all points, the session was closed at 12:36.