Alessio Avellino, a 26 years old Neapolitan guy, left for the 208th course Agents of the State Police in August 2019, knowing that he had to face the training period perceived as a girl because so screamed his documents and, as painful as it was, even his body. In the darkness of an August night, shortly after knowing his destination, the video of an oath of a few years earlier came back to his mind and so, he became aware of a reality more painful than all the others: women must swear in skirts and men in pants as stated in the regulation. Suddenly the joy of departure gave way to the anxiety and fear of having to face a path that had little to do with his person and his identity: his place in building L screamed an evidence that he did not want to hear; the card with his full name to be applied to the jacket that he could not forget to wear, screamed who he did not feel to be; having to present himself with that name in every occasion; the fear of being unable to truly express himself. Luckily for him, in one of those nights, he found an article by Michela Pascali, of the National Secretariat of SILP Cigl, who openly declared herself a lesbian and, in that moment, the hope of being able to be in contact with someone who wore his same colors and who was not completely detached from the LGBT+ world, burned in him. So, starting to communicate his fear, he realized that he could trust few people, that he could expose himself and try to stand up for himself. His roommate, and a few others, called him with his new masculine name in extra-formative moments, alleviating his inadequacy unconsciously. The empathy he has met on his training path has overtaken the suffering he has experienced; the joy of having a network of people who were ready to support him gave him strength, something he would never have had on his own: the strength to stay, to not give up, to try, to believe. There were so many moments in which felt the love towards him; moments in which he understood that he was not alone and that everything depended on him, certainly, but that he could not say he had been abandoned. He took the oath shortly after the general lockdown and he took it in pants because multiple policemen met his request and were uniformly responded to his needs. He has been Alessio for everyone since he entered the service. Today, Alessio Avellino is finally a State Police Agent who has met many people who have learned first to perceive him and then to see him. Without the comfort of a network of people, perhaps, he wouldn’t have made it because knowing we’re not alone is what we need when everything seems to be screaming at us that we are. 



Alessio, il poliziotto trans che è entrato in polizia da donna ed è riuscito a giurare in pantaloni;;  Antonio Palma; site:

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